James Grogan

Favourite Food: Chocolate

James Grogan - Head Coach / Owner

Hi! I am the head coach and owner of OPEX Bristol. I first opened these doors as Crossfit 605 back in 2012, but since then we have been on a journey. We are now the the first officially licensed OPEX Gym in the UK and I look forward to showing you why we are the future of personal training!

I have been working within the fitness industry since 2011 and I have helped hundreds of people through personal training and individually design fitness. I have a wide experience of working with individual clients from all walks of life with different lifestyle and fitness challenges. Having such a wide array of clients has allowed me to focus my personal training philosophy on what truly matters.

I come from a family of teachers and I always said I did not want to be a teacher. Now, I think back to a conversation with my late father when he said to me "For someone who never wanted to be a teacher, you sure do a lot of teaching." So today my personal training philosophy at OPEX Bristol is one of teaching. I am proud to be a teacher and to help to educate people to achieve their potential.

I have combined studying as an OPEX Coaching Certificate Program with achieving qualifications in British Weightlifting Level 2, Precision Nutrition and Premier Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy.

Our goal at OPEX Bristol is to help our clients realise their full potential. I work with clients to achieve their goals through a combination of personalised fitness, health, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, so if you like what you hear, pop in and say hello!