You are what you eat right? Maybe not.

You are what you digest and assimilate!

If you’re taking the time to eat better quality food to help you reach your fitness goals, you want to make sure you’re actually in a state where your body can break down the nutrients and send them where they need to go. We help build great digestion and assimilation with our clients by ensuring they have great food hygiene.

What is food hygiene?

Food hygiene is what we refer to our practices around meals. Are we setting the right environment and stimulus for great digestion? Are we in a rest a digest state?

If you’re eating on the go, in a rush or only chewing enough to not choke, there is a good chance you’re not getting the most out of your food. This leads to bad recovery and potential nutritional deficiencies. Whether your goal is fat loss, fitness or performance, fueling your body with micronutrients is essential.

Food hygiene practices:

Be involved in the cooking process if possible

The digestive process starts with sight and smell, make your meals and get excited about them.

Chew your food

Chew your food 25 times per bite, this not only breaks the food into smaller pieces but covers food in saliva which is 10% digestive enzymes.

Eat in a relaxed state

Try to eat sat down and in a relaxed state. If we are sympathetically toned “fight or flight” our digestion shuts down. We produce less saliva, less stomach acid, we release less bile, less pancreatic enzymes and our digestive tract tries to push food out of the system as quickly as possible. Take a few deep breaths before each meal, and focus on enjoying your meal.

Take some time after meals to relax

Your body is still busy digesting food after you have stopped eating, don’t run off to do something stressful. Relax or go for a short walk, but be mindful to stay in that rest and digest state.

If you improve your food hygiene, you will have better energy, better performance, and better body composition, all from giving your body the support it needs to digest your fuel!

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NutritionJames Grogan