Milo - Coach

I’ll start with the reason why I am a coach. In my early teens, I was depressed and I had tried everything to help myself feel better but nothing would work. It was then that I had a lucky moment. I went to a gym (having never trained in a gym before), and asked for help. I had some personal training sessions to teach me what to do in a gym, and it gave me the focus and direction to help myself. This is where my passion for fitness began.

Following this and during my previous career as a Logistics Manager, I grew tired of being on repeat; waking up early, work, high stress, long shifts, home, dinner and bed with minimal balance between work and home life. To put it simply I wasn’t looking after myself and putting others before my needs. This life was sustainable for a while but it in the end I asked myself the question: is this what I want to be doing for the next 40 years? The answer was no, which has led me to where I am today; coaching, something that brings me happiness, balance and the opportunity to give others the lucky moment to thrive in life, like I had.

I studied Biomedical Science at Cardiff University, and I’m also a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. During my youth I played rugby for 10 years; at my height playing national league 3. Nowadays, I enjoy food and cooking and I spend time reading, mainly for my personal education and enjoyment. I feel I have a positive outlook on life and try to spend as much time outside as possible and enjoy everyday.