Our personal trainers have been working with many clients in the Bristol area and we have seen a lot of success stories!

Since starting with OPEX Bristol, my whole outlook on training and my lifestyle have changed. Before starting with a personalised program and working one on one with a personal trainer, I was in the gym nearly every day exhausting myself. I always thought the more I did and the less I ate the better.

I started working with my personal trainer and I have never been fitter or stronger. Working one on one with a coach has allowed me to target weaknesses (physical and psychological) that I wouldn’t always be able to work on in a class environment.

The biggest difference to any other gym I have trained at is the ability of the coaches to change their coaching and programming style to suit each individual. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ mentality which I believe sets OPEX Bristol above different gyms and training styles.
above different gyms and training styles.
— Maddie Fry
At 52 an overweight, self-confessed workaholic my body’s immobility & inflexibility resulted in painful knee, lower back & hip joints. For years, it had negatively impacted my lifestyle & family-time. I tried other fitness regimes in the past but had quickly become disillusioned, self-conscious, demotivated and soon reverted to type and retreated to my known environment.

That was the case until I was introduced to gym co-owner and personal trainer James Grogan. Each training session is created, tailored and delivered in a friendly, relaxed environment to improve my core strength and flexibility. James’s in-depth physiological and psychological knowledge combined with his profound enthusiasm and professionalism creates superb personal training sessions. He listens to my concerns and explains everything. I am now almost completely pain-free and able to participate in new and old sports. My attitude has changed and now have an active lifestyle and happy family life. So if you’re looking for a creative, enthusiastic, beneficial, supportive, knowledgeable, intelligent, friendly coach then look no further than James. I highly recommend him.
— Paul McDermott
To have someone with this level of knowledge and commitment to your health and well-being is now something I couldn’t be without. The time and care Danny puts into your progress and development is unlike anything in the mainstream fitness market. Combine this with the dedication to his own knowledge and everybody wins!
I started working with Danny at NHSC in 2017 to address some imbalances and prevent injury. Over time he has taken on responsibility all of my programming. As a personal trainer myself, I have sometimes de-prioritised my own training when busy and I find working with a coach keeps me on track with my own fitness and well being goals and progress.

Danny tries to address the root cause of any challenge - be it physical or emotional. Encouraging self reflection alongside performance markers to get the best sustainable change and long term result. As a client you always feel prioritised, my coach is responsive and accessible, providing excellent value. I would highly recommend him.
— Sophia Smith
At OPEX Bristol, I found an amazing group of fitness coaches that besides being very friendly and approachable, are also dedicated to their job and their clients. They are very professional and passionate about what they do and are also great motivators. Since I’ve joined i have become more enthusiastic about training and determined to achieve my goals, and every session is fun and exciting. The coaches really know their stuff and the advice given has been very helpful for me to understand the reasons behind each exercise. It definitely shows that the sessions are well thought and tailored to my individual needs. I look forward to every session and would highly recommend OPEX Bristol
— Susana Mota
I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking for hands-on help with improving their lifestyle. The personal training offered by Danny, James, and the rest is excellent, they go beyond just trying to become stronger. They help look into all of the external factors that go into becoming healthier, such as diet, sleep, mental health, and more. On top of that, they personalise each training day. They are excellent about working around limitations, such as my broken toe.
— Jacob Cast
I approached OPEX looking for some help with my triathlon training and over the winter months they worked with me to identify areas of improvements and to give me a greater understanding of how a solid strength programme can yield results in the endurance world. In the few months I’ve worked with OPEX, I’ve progressed in my swimming beating my previous 100m PB, my watts are increasing on the bike and I’m much stronger on my runs, holding my form for longer periods and not tiring in the legs as quickly. Given my history of dodge knees, I’ve been training pain free for 2 months now as well. James has always been available to offer his expert advice beyond the gym and has provided guidance on appropriate nutrition intake. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.
— Ben Menear
I have been working with OPEX for three months and it has revolutionised my progress in strength and conditioning. Their structured approach has left me feeling that I’ve made more progress in these three months than in the previous two years!

I felt that the team really listened to what my needs and goals were, and then put in programming that really supports this. The advice and support I get is second to none. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble for the OPEX staff at my training sessions. They genuinely want to help me and other OPEX clients want to be the best versions possible of ourselves. I cannot recommend them highly enough!!
— Gareth Jones
I needed help to get back on track with my fitness and nutrition following a few injuries, the most recent of which was a sprained ankle. My motivation had dipped and I wasn’t making any progress, having recently started a new job with shifts I felt a bit ‘all over the place’! Danny has addressed all of my issues with a holistic approach - looking at my eating/sleeping/fitness/life habits and has coached me with every aspect. He has focused on rehabilitating my ankle and also highlighted a dodgy shoulder which is probably the crux of some of my other injuries. I have seen huge improvements already and I’m really enjoying the program he’s written for me, which is varied and has a really keen attention to detail. If you want an individual approach that takes in to account every aspect of your life so that you can feel fitter and healthier in every way, then I would highly recommend OPEX fitness.
— Helen Rogers
OPEX Bristol is more than just a place to workout. Great coaching, individual programming and an awesome bunch of people. I’ve made great friends and great progress over the last 18 months, I’d recommend OPEX Bristol to anyone.
— Polly Akielan
During my time at OPEX Bristol my overall fitness has gone from strength to strength. The great coaching and friendly community really makes for a fantastic place to work out.
— Brendan Chapple
I’ve been with OPEX Bristol from the start and enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to awesome programming I’ve made some real improvements and there’s a great social side to the gym. Everyone is welcoming, fun and friendly which makes for a great community.
— Hannah Lockett