Top tips for burning fat

When you’re trying to burn fat and improve body composition, it’s important to look at the whole body and all of its systems. Many people gravitate to strict diets, intense exercise or a combination of the two. But as the studies show, the results from these programs are not long lasting or sustainable. That’s why when we at OPEX Bristol work with a client to improve body composition, we look at movement, nutrition (from a nourishment standpoint), digestion, detoxification, stress and a whole lot more.

One great tool people tend to ignore is NEAT: non-exercise activity thermogenesis. As it says in the name, NEAT is calories burnt from a non-exercise activity. We burn calories every minute to keep our brains functioning, hearts beating and body temperature stable.

You can increase your NEAT by just moving a little more throughout the day, which can lead to better fat loss, but also better health, energy, and mood.

Great ways to increase your calories from non-exercise activity


We don’t shut up about walking, it has so many benefits; from improved body composition to better detoxification and even just better recovery from training. Try to walk every day. Whether it’s for 5 minutes after dinner or a couple of hours at the weekend, put walking into your daily routine. If possible do this surrounded by nature and in sunlight for extra health points.

Morning Movement

As we mentioned in our morning routine post, a little movement in the morning can help wake your body up, get the blood flowing and help you have extra energy in the day. Take 5-20 minutes to do some flow, yoga or just about any light movement before you start your day.

Take the stairs/walk to the shops/cycle to work

It’s very easy for us to take the easy option, we are busy and our time is precious. But I guarantee you, if you take time out of your day to move more, you will work smarter and be more productive. There is now plenty of information out there to show the top CEOs and people at the top of their field are taking time out of their day for exercise. Analyse your day, to see where you could forgo the easy option, and get a little more you time and movement.

Get cooking

We should all be prepping our own food anyway for great digestion.  When you cook your own food, you know what’s going into it. But the action of cooking is also a great way to get more movement into your day, rather than clicking on your laptop or dialling the number of your local takeaway from the comfort of your sofa.

James Grogan