Top change of lifestyle tips


Changing your lifestyle for the better is a lot harder then most fitness marketing campaigns will have you believe. That’s why at OPEX Bristol, we dig deep into behavioural change science to ensure our clients get results for the long term.

Making even the smallest changes become consistent actions can be tough, so here is one of our favourite ways to help things along.

Bolt it on to an existing ritual!

For most people, the day starts with a trip to the toilet, a cup of coffee, a bite to eat, brushing their teeth and having a shower. And the best thing? This normally happens the same way everyday.

This is a pre-existing ritual, which we can slowly mould to our advantage.

First, lets change that coffee first thing into a large glass of water, and have a cup of coffee after your shower.

Simple, we haven’t taken anything away, we have just moved things about and got you to be more hydrated!

Second, Lets have that glass of water and bite to eat in natural light (even if its cloudy).

Awesome, we just improved energy and sleep by slightly tinkering with a habit that already exists.

This process over a few weeks could have you eating better, sleeping better, less stress, burning fat and a whole lot more. And all we had to do was bolt on small changes, to something you already do everyday.

What do your rituals look like? Right them out and see what you could chop and change to upgrade your life.

James Grogan