Do we really need to eat breakfast?

Every great day starts with a quality morning ritual, and a big part of that morning ritual is how you choose to fuel your day.

In our world today, the majority of breakfast food is processed sugary cereals, breakfast bars or something sweet you grab at the coffee shop. We make the argument that if you really can’t avoid a sugar binge for breakfast, then don’t eat until lunch.

There are multiple reasons behind this, but most important is energy rhythms.  Blood sugar should rise slowly after you eat a balanced meal. Allowing time for the body to release the right amount of insulin, to drop blood sugar and help store the sugar as fuel.

But when refined sugars push blood sugar up quickly, it is toxic to the cells, and the body quickly floods the blood stream with insulin, which drops our blood sugar levels, and that leaves us tired and cranky. So starting the day with extending the fast really isn’t that bad compared to the alternative.

Having a great breakfast also sets you up for making great choices throughout the day. We have always found that clients with a more planned and successful morning routine, tend to make better choices through the day.

So what is for breakfast?

Fat, Fibre and Protein!

Having a breakfast high in fats, fibre and protein sets up your energy for the morning, without placing you on the blood sugar rollercoaster. This breakfast leads to better energy, better mental acuity, better poops, better body composition and a whole lot more.

This breakfast can vary from meat and nuts (beef steak and a handful of almonds), to an egg and veggies breakfast (frittata).  Both can be cooked in olive or coconut oil to increase those healthy fats!

Get your fat, fibre and protein breakfast on, and thank us later.